Gen Z Developers - Key concepts and ideas for the next generation of developers

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Key concepts and ideas for the next generation of developers.

I'm focusing on Generation Z because I believe they've missed the historical understanding of a number of key technology revolutions in order to be competitive in the market place. At the current pace of technological advancement, so much history can be taken for granted. Without a full understanding of the past, we only learn from shadows and curated versions of reality.

This is an age when information and knowledge is a click or google search away. Yet in conversation after conversation with Generation Z teenagers, I've found - not unsurprisingly - that they have a very superficial understanding of the history that underpins the technologies they use, how and why they came to be in the first place and the original problems the technology tried to solve.

My hope with this book is to break through these gaps and provide context and references and inform better decisions.

“Amazing read for anyone new to, or wanting to get into programming. Brilliant background primer, not just for Gen Z” – Kevin Fielder

“This book teaches young developers how to become a developer. I wish I had this type of book when I started my career” – Matt Parsons